Jamaica, Part V. Three Dives.

Zubair and I ate jerk chicken at more than a few restaurants and street stands in Negril, but my favourite was at Three Dives (just past the Xtabi on West End Road).

We came for lunch one day after a swim (each morning began with a dip in the ocean – how lovely is that!) – and Zubair declared it the best meal of our trip. I much agree.

One order each of: 1/4 jerk chicken, rice & beans, and boiled vegetables (cabbage, carrots, and string beans). There were about one million different condiments on each table…all unlabeled. And they all looked quite spicy. So I put in a dash, a dip, a squiggle of everything. Not a bad idea at all!

The only thing that made me the slightest bit squeamish about this place were all the roaches crawling around. But focus on your plate, and you’ll be a-okay! ^_^

We couldn’t locate Diet Coke anywhere in Negril – Diet Pepsi seemed to be the popular choice (simply not the same ;)

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  • anonymous
    November 3, 2009

    Glad that you are enjoying Jamaican food. Sorry about the cockroaches though.

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