John & Kira’s

For the packaging obsessed (and I know there are many of you)…

…here’s a peek at the upcoming holiday sweets from John & Kira’s.  I wrote about the Chocolate Ladybugs and Caramel Bees awhile back…their treats get more and more creative each year. 

Meet the holiday ladybugs. The green ones are filled with spiced (nutmeg and cinnamon!) caramel and the red bugs have crunchy almond and hazelnut praline.

They’re also doing Magical Mushrooms with maple caramel. Devour with care, the caramel is dangerously loose, decadent, and easy flowing.

The Enchanted Holiday! These seriously belong in another universe.

Fluttering butterflies with fresh mint ganache, more maple caramel mushrooms, and red wildflowers with vanilla-infused dark chocolate. So imaginative. For more wild ideas, check out the brandy-laced Magic Apples and Chocolate Oranges with Cointreau. I want to live in this world.

P.S. The ginger used in their signature chocolate collection comes from Molokai. Go Hawai’i! 


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