London | Afternoon Tea at The Goring Hotel

21682760876_fdcdd1ce09_cAfternoon tea is at The Goring, one of my favorite hotels in London.

21086512534_ce65c6b166_cA table for two…

21697327872_f1bff401b4_c…and a happy welcome.

21087789963_16c232f686_cFirst, a sweet and savory dish of custard…

21709220155_e04661414c_c…and then comes the tea.

21709207985_f02dca7e95_cFirst sandwich, cucumber and cream cheese.

21697721362_24fb4728b6_cSmoked salmon and crème fraîche.

21086497034_f362993509_cRoast beef and horseradish

21088192253_b68c7da7c8_cHam, cheddar, and mustard.

21521348118_0bb293b44b_cWarm raisin scones…

21697702392_f90c591c55_c…with Devonshire clotted cream, strawberry and raspberry preserves.

21697714622_a614437b00_cAnother pot (I like switching teas between each pot – started with Darjeeling and finished with fresh mint).

21709174885_4f4cb1ba1d_cAnd then it’s time for dessert. A pistachio and raspberry tart…

21718440121_71a138cfa9_c…followed by a passionfruit crackle. Think Ferrero Rocher, only with passionfruit and genoise involved.

21683095926_109bffb9f7_cLayer cake, this one was excellent. Dark chocolate genoise, chocolate cream and coffee cream. I could eat a dozen more slices.

21521223820_7eba494015_cHazelnut religieuse…

21522344319_02b8303160_c…and a passionfruit and sea buckthorns custard on shortbread.

21088132323_a32bef3e90_cP.S. The hidden courtyard in the back is not to be missed ^-^

  • Table122000
    December 16, 2015

    Wow! The Goring tea looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing your tea experiences with all of us…something to dream about…
    Quick question: What is sea buckthorns custard? What does it taste like? I’ve never heard of this before.

  • Table122000
    December 16, 2015

    Wow! The Goring Hotel looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing your afternoon tea experiences with us all…something to dream about…
    Quick Question: What is sea buckthorns custard? What does it taste like? I’ve never heard of it before.

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