London | The Dining Room at The Goring

21522307428_dcdb20c50b_cAnother excellent hotel breakfast (right on par with Shangri-La Hong KongMandarin Oriental Tokyo, and Mandarin Oriental Paris)…

21521607688_1b19aa8969_c…starts with hot tea. Drinking The Goring’s signature blend (black tea base).

21089184133_44f93d1fc0_cAnd here comes the pastry basket. Petite croissants, buttery rolls, and danishes. This one was a berry danish with a custard center.

21523363829_b3f0209af8_cFollowed by juice. Grapefruit first, orange second.

21089181003_1d6f573bb4_cGalia melons with Greek yogurt, fruit and hazelnuts.

21698688832_aa0be51427_cIncoming, hot toast! Butter, jams and preserves in the back.

21087472374_54ef0a8404_cThe main affair, a Full English Breakfast. A pretty big feast for 8am! On the plate:

  • two Burford Brown eggs, sunny-side up
  • rare breed Lincolnshire pork sausage
  • green back bacon
  • grilled tomatoes
  • grilled field mushrooms
  • black and white pudding
  • lambs’ kidneys

And then we are ready for the day ^-^


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