Magret de Canard

24422317280_6f30c5799f_bDrinking tea makes me hungry. And because I drink/taste throughout the day for work, I end up snacking a lot. Often cakes and sweets…and duck! I keep duck breasts in the fridge, ready to be cooked in a few minutes. I serve bigger duck breasts for lunch and dinner (and sometimes do a lapsang souchong-crusted version) but these tiny ones (about 1/3 pound) are perfect for snack.

24691578136_cfbd0da880_bIf you’re in NYC, there are three good places to get magret de canard:

  • Dickson’s Farmstand Meats ($12.95/pound)- this is where I get the tiny duck breasts that are 1/3-1/2 pound
  • Eataly ($19.95/pound) – bigger duck breasts, about 3/4-1 pound each
  • Ottomanelli & Sons ($19.95/pound), Bleecker Street location – same size as Eataly
  • D’artagnan ($14.99/pound) – online shop and amazing resource. I’ve spent hours on this website for fun. If they had a store, I’d visit every day. They also have a ton of other duck products. You can get moulard (which is the one you want for this dish) muscovy, peking, and rohan ducks! Heaven.

Here’s how to do it…

24350118919_9fd090cd61_bTake the cleaned duck breast and make a tight crosshatch.

24350114109_0d4c70ff38_bHeat the pan to medium and put skin/fat side down. Render the fat…

24422256520_1393bf921e_b…and drain out the fat into a bowl every few minutes.

24599999172_2751870d51_bIn about five minutes, flip it over and cook meat side down for another minute. Then you are done! I like it on the rare side, though cook shorter/longer depending personal preference and the size of your duck.

24350110239_2c3b8cc3ea_bLet rest on the cutting board for a few minutes.

24350179969_d02921bf71_bSlice and eat. Maldon and a crack of pepper make all the difference. Gets better every time ^-^

24600061212_15fc15ea6e_bP.S. This goes extra well with a roasted tieguanyin.


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