Makings of a Tea and Dessert Pairing

24031456056_2ca58f15bf_cA few outtakes from last week’s tea and dessert project with MW Restaurant. I sourced and brewed three teas (current loves…two oolongs and a matcha :) and Michelle created new desserts to pair with each tea. We did a bunch of tweaking and tasting the days leading up to the event…that was my favorite part. Tea is magical alone, but pairing it with food (from sweets to savories, cheese, etc.) allows you to showcase it under a different light. Thank you, Michelle, for being most talented and sweet ^-^

24031432436_72314dc199_cFirst, Mi Lan Xiang from Guangdong. The tea itself is robust and rich with clear honey notes (the name of the tea translates directly to “honey orchid”) evolving in every steep. To pair…

24031300356_ec57086efe_c…Michelle’s Ka’u Orange Pop Tart. A base of yuba (!) puff pastry with orange cheesecake, Hawaiian honey, compressed tropical fruits, and lilikoi sorbet. This was the first version…

24031402146_0e41cb40ab_c…and this was the final.

23950699102_144603b8cc_cSecond pairing, Da Hong Pao from the Wuyi Mountains (in Fujian)…

24057535665_7a089b8c75_c…and a tasting of five local goat cheeses (all from Hawai’i Island Goat Dairy).

23949382422_e1563f1d71_cAnd to go with Matcha from Uji…

23689683279_5120a14ec5_c…Zenzai Meringue. This one was the crowd favorite. The shell is a shiso-matcha meringue. Break it open for base of matcha tapioca topped with black sesame ice cream, azuki beans, and strawberries.

23430792053_656c9fd43f_cI originally planned to use a Lapsang for the second tea, and Michelle made this crazy good miso-caramel apple to go with it. The dessert was too good (hot! juicy! miso!) to skip even after we switched to Da Hong Pao so she served it as a bonus fourth dessert. The perfect pairing would have been a shou pu’erh…can’t wait for next time ^-^

  • Alan
    January 10, 2016

    Aloha Kathy!
    Sounds like it was a great experience .If you do this again or anything in Hawaii that I can participate in please let me know as early as possible (maybe a tweet?) so I can plan to be back if I can.


    • Kathy YL Chan
      January 10, 2016

      Hi Alan! Will do! Hope all is well ^-^

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