Maui | Weekend in Wailea

I promised you the second half of this Maui trip way back when, so here we have it (just a few months belated ^_^)

After a few days at Travaasa Hana, I flew back to Kahului. With this Kahului-Hana flight option, I don’t think there’s a need to do the Hana drive (but if you don’t have motion sickness, the drive is beautiful, especially if you stop for banana bread).

I rented a car at Kahului. It was my first time renting a car and I was so nervous I bought every type of insurance possible…

…and then I was off! First stop,  Tin Roof (just a two-minute drive from the airport).
Got the mochiko chicken plate over rice with furikake (add the six-minute egg) and a cup of dashi broth…
…and mac salad. I love mac salad so much. I don’t touch bad mac salad but put a great one in front of me and I could demolish a whole mixing bowl of it. This one was real good thanks to a bright vinegary tang. And it wasn’t *just* mac salad but mac salad with steamed ulu (breadfruit) mixed into it! Lots of carrots and celery too. And garlic.
And then I drove to Donut Dynamite for…
…one poi doughnut with a lilikoi glaze. Nice.
Then I drove to Mill House Roasting Co. (the coffee place inside Maui Tropical Plantation)…
…for a decaf americano (I can’t take the caffeine in coffee, so my default “coffee” drink is a decaf americano). I was hoping to make it to Mill House Maui for lunch/dinner (which is also inside Maui Tropical Plantation) this trip but no time. I’m going back to Maui in September so I’ll make sure to go them.
From there it was a 30-minute drive (which I made safe and sound) to Fairmont Kea Lani.
Spent the afternoon working…
…until sunset. How magical is that light??
Then dinner downstairs at . That’s the opakapaka wrapped/steamed in ti leaf. Molokai sweet potato on the side.
Up early the next morning (for a water aerobics class :). But before that I went to check out the juice bar. The bar section of Kō is used as a juice/smoothie bar during the morning. They also do these custom health shots (I got ginger/turmeric/lemon) one.
I tried a number of the house juice blends during my stay and these two were my favorite.
Then water aerobics, and then breakfast! You know how I really like mac salad? I also love anything hash the same way. Here, corned beef hash, eggs and tomatoes. Avocado and toast on the side.
Then it was time for dessert! It was a 40-minute drive to Tasaka Guri-Guri (they’re located inside Maui Mall).
Guri-guri is like a cross between sherbet and ice cream, but lighter.
Just two flavors here: strawberry and pineapple.
I figured there was room for a little more dessert after that. So I went back to Tin Roof and got a Pono Pie and devoured that in the car. It was so good. This is the sweet potato-haupia pie. Ulu (breadfruit) is the key ingredient in these pies and the crust is made from macadamia nuts. It’s really dense and creamy (and best eaten super duper cold).
I also got a box of Tin Roof’s housemade Chocolate Bibingka. SO GOOD. Chocolate butter mochi topped with peanut butter, rainbow sprinkles, dulce de leche and ovaltine whip. I’ve been on a butter mochi spree (for most my life)…will do a round-up post on that soon.
I wasn’t hungry enough for lunch after that but I was in the mood for a mai tai. Off to Mama’s Fish House.
It’s always packed in here, but you can usually find a seat at the bar.
Boy that was strong.
Next up, Maui Pie…
…for a slice of chocolate-haupia pie. I keep thinking my sweet tooth would settle down with age but it appears the opposite is happening.
Back to the hotel, for an afternoon nap, some pool time, late lunch (collecting mai tais at this point)…
…and sunset walk (Maui sunsets seem much more beautiful than any of the other islands?) There’s a great walking path that links the Fairmont and the Four Seasons…a must-do when in Wailea. Dinner with friends at at Spago and off to bed.
Up early the next morning. Breakfast?
A great papaya juice and half-order of sweetbread French toast…
…and half-order ahi benedict (on toasted poi muffin).
I checked out of Fairmont and into Four Seasons Wailea later in the morning…
…lunch at Ferraro’s for caprese and a really nice pasta dish of housemade angel hair, Haiku cherry tomato sugo, with green garbanzos, pesto, and ricotta (that’s a half-order pictured but next time I’m getting a full order of that).
Kombucha for dessert. Valley Isle makes my favorite local kombucha…this is the lilikoi one (the Kula strawberry is also super).
Work in the afternoon…
…then drove up to Hotel Wailea (definitely like to check out this property next time) for…
…a sunset Paper Plane.
Back to the hotel for a cozy nap, and then dinner at DUO.
How cute and cheerful is the cotton candy that comes at the end of dinner?
They also had avocado-chocolate mousse (another obsession). I love avocado smoothies so this is really an extension of that life.
Very early morning swim (that guy just wouldn’t get out of the photo)…
…and breakfast downstairs. Sweetbread French toast, whipped mascarpone and mac nuts (don’t forget the Portuguese sausage)…
….local papaya…
…and this dark but wonderful ginger/spinach/pineapple juice.
Checked out and drove upcountry to Ali’i Kula Lavender. Not the season of lavender but there was plenty of protea.
I just like coming out here because it is so very peaceful.
A cup of lavender steeped with chamomile, lemon balm, and spearmint. A bench seat off into the mist. Ahh life is nice.
I tried to visit Surfing Goat Dairy right after but got a bit lost. And then I had to head to the airport…
…but not before one more stop at Tin Roof. This is the Fat (they are not kidding) Chow Funn. Get pork belly, spam, bean sprouts, green onions, and sesame seeds. What a delight. Also got a little “dime bag” (right side of the photo) which is their housemade version of furikake. Good for sprinkling on anything even if it’s straight into your mouth.
Thank you for being wonderful and delicious, Maui. Will be back soon again ^-^
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  • Alex
    April 23, 2018

    Nice blog, we frequent a lot of those places when we visit Maui!

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