Maui, Hawaii

17059248652_687950e0e4_cOne of the best (there are many!) things about going home to Oahu is the easy access to neighboring islands. We’ve been on the Big Island a few times. And don’t forget about Lanai. And Kauai! Hopefully we’ll make it to Molokai on the next trip. Everything is close enough so that these could all be day trips…but I like taking my time with travels ^-^

16873111750_f11251d25c_cI was in Maui for a few days last week (first time in a decade)…

16872815758_747c43eb17_c…we checked into the Montage Kapalua (formerly the Ritz-Carlton residences) late afternoon…

16438336363_e9c0ba36de_c…and drove to dinner at The Plantation House. Napili blue egg chawanmushi…

17056991202_158b77382e_c…and ahi and ali’i mushrooms.

17060662165_e92b03ab6f_cSunset swims at the Montage…

16872111669_c65f64aa1f_c…and morning malasadas for breakfast. Comes with a side of lilikoi butter ^-^

16440567283_bfabb9b656_cA stop at Noho’ana for pa’i’ai (gotta try kalolo next time)….

16872945568_30334591ee_c..and visited Kumu Farms.

16853318667_dd4f213c75_cBaby pineapples!

16874458649_189c0d1f77_cLunch stop at Poi by the Pound.

16440553833_690f59a3a0_cIt’s been ages since I’ve had squid luau (top right). Ahi poke (half spicy, half shoyu). Pork lau lau all around. Mac salad and kabli.

17059222872_ca47a234c7_cDon’t forget the opihi!!

16853281777_d38a06155d_cTaro ice cream sundae to finish. Extra whipped cream. Perfection.

16874452469_0eabb37329_cAnother round of dessert at Uluani’s. Shave ice!

17060681515_16513303de_cWet Lemon Peel on the left and Pickled Mango on the right. I like how they poke many holes in the ice before pouring the syrup. Even distribution.

17059146762_e3984f3a1c_cAnd then an afternoon nap.

16872854668_560c564602_cDinner at Cane & Canoe. Favorite course? This kona kampachi, uni, and lychee dish. Served in an uni bowl ^-^

16438209324_4b1e29eafc_cFoie and berries.

16872827458_7cd05db3c7_cA solo breakfast of sweet bread french toast (Montage also has sweet potato pancakes on the menu!)

16440459593_5d9ecbb921_cA drive into town for a lunch at Sam Sato’s…

17060603895_b1e7a2afa2_c…dry mein at last!! Think saimin but minus the soup.

16438171374_0e09c78825_cThey also do a stellar cheeseburger (tastes like Punahou Carnival!) and bbq sticks. Fries are a bonus.

17034604726_d8366bb5ae_cAnd don’t forget the manju. They come in white/lima and black/azuki.

17060552665_fa240376d9_cGet both…

16872750008_7fd8e46e6b_c…and eat them for pre-breakfast snack in bed the next morning.

17059110802_e6979d2bc1_cThe next day we met Alex and Andrea who recently started growing tea in Maui…

16872770908_dea88f2c15_c…and then checked out more local brews with Maui Nui Botanical Gardens. Pictured above is Moa (also good when combined with ko’oko’olau to drink).

17059691971_98b9620c1d_cChecking into the Grand Wailea on the other side of the island (I always forget how big Maui is!)

16874333089_6f438a785b_cDinner was at Maui Culinary Academy…a one-night collab with chefs from Maui, LA, and SF.

16872745328_f2d99e75c0_cFriday morning in Upcountry Maui at the lavender farms. Can you imagine how intense the lavender scent must be when everything is in full bloom?

17059717971_5b6dfe5ce1_cWe went to Alex and Andrea’s home to see all the other tea plants. They’re growing a variety of cultivars including Assam, Darjeeling, and Jin Xuan.

16872978860_e6b6cd34af_cCan’t wait till they harvest and process.

16440340883_7bb1d5fd74_cAfternoon stop at Komoda Bakery…

17060490525_46c671ca92_c…stick doughnuts at last! Been craving this. Think five baby doughnuts twisted together and glazed.

16440319753_6e4c096fd8_cDinner at Humuhumunukunukuapua’a…

17058996492_d53b424454_c…midnight on the beach.

17059689141_b8a64c4c56_c And then out the next morning, a 30-minute flight back to Honolulu ^-^

  • Jia
    April 21, 2015

    Really love your blog. :-)

  • Janeen @ Green Global Travel
    May 26, 2015

    Wow! The Maui Nui botanical garden looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your Maui experiences with awesome pictures!

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