Mochi Rin | Matcha Kudzu and Camellia Mochi

24485791311_e2b3404e51_cSweet treasures from Mochi Rin ^-^

24200332469_c677e0cb4c_cI first spotted these sweets on the dessert menu of Kosaka. Turns out they’re made by Mochi Rin (order via email and pick up from her kitchen in Soho…thanks, Zui)…

23941290363_3778224664_cThey come in a tidy box of eight, and more than a few are inspired by tea.

23939939764_cf38d81b0e_cFirst! The matcha kudzu mochi. Open carefully…

23939930944_a4b58d0d29_c…ta-dah. Like a cross between traditional mochi and jelly.

24459782162_cec86c7e8b_cThere’s also a matcha tiramisu…

24459775142_7e91aac29a_c…stuffed with azuki bean paste and mascarpone.

23941287523_2715f258c6_cAnd the camellia (aka the tea flower) mochi with azuki bean paste and salted cherry tree leaf.

23939930264_070fd8eac5_cJust right.

24459783272_1151d45c06_cThe box also included a raspberry-cream cheese mochi…

23941274603_171edae370_c…with chocolate ganache.

24272571170_c466152c31_cAnd fresh strawberry mochi…

24485787091_2dd213da4a_c…with black truffles and a lavender skin.

24541918626_fe744f8126_cAnd finally, kumquats with…

24200326799_9514d4804a_c…white bean paste and ginger.

23939937664_6103ba5fe9_cYou know what would be really neat? An entire line of tea-infused mochi. Here’s hoping.

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  • Christina
    January 27, 2016

    What a charming and wonderful depiction, as always. Reading your posts (and drooling over them, consequently) have always been one of my favorite to dos. Would have to give the mochi a go soon.
    Where are your wares from? They are all so simple yet intricate. Please keep up the amazing work, and let us live vicariously through your snaps.

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