Monday Afternoon in NYC

Scenes from Monday with Lucy.

How wonderful is it when you have a friend to do tea cuppings with multiple times a week? This is heaven. I begin each morning with cuppings at home, but it makes a huge difference when you cup with someone just as eager to discuss everything about tea (origins! farmers! pricing! teaware!) and how the flavors evolve with each steep.

Tea is one of those things where the learning never stops…and that just might be my favorite part.

We worked our way through three teas (one white and two light and dark oolongs), all of which haven’t been sold outside of Taiwan or China yet. All the truly good stuff rarely makes it way outside of Asia.  

Silver Needle (白毫银针) from Anxi… 

….the creamiest Jin Xuan (金萱) oolong from Alishan…

…and a nutty, roasted Rougui (肉桂) from the Wuji mountains.

We steeped the Rougui oolong nearly ten times (and there was still more to give!)…amazing.

If only every Monday afternoon could be this rainy, warmed with hot tea, good company, and pineapple cakes ^_^ 


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