Notes from Hong Kong

11131908445_ac94aafa8d_cLittle notes as I type from the InterContinental Hong Kong.

I’ve been traveling in Japan, Taiwan, and China for the last five weeks. I love spending the last few days of each Asia trip in Hong Kong, holing up (warm bath, fluffy bathrobe, in for the night!) in a great hotel and taking care of life admin. Getting organized and reevaluating goals. Mapping out what’s next. It’s easier to do these things when I’m not in NYC or Honolulu…seeing things from a distance. I might travel for tea, hotels, and dessert, but also to rebalance ^-^

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1 | Super thank you to Alice and Kristy for this feature on A Standard of Living. You guys are amazing.

11883474053_590606ac6f_c2 | A few of my favorite local Honolulu restaurants on Condé Nast Traveler. Excited to go back home for the holidays ^-^

14500641440_a22fa5a44f_c3 | A must-read book on this history of pu’erh tea.

12975723553_cc579b0a9e_c4 | Nick and Andy of Eco-Cha in Taiwan (see you guys in spring!) launched an Indiegogo campaign to purchase Mr. Lin’s first winter harvest in Lugu, Taiwan (home of Dong Ding oolong). They’ve surpassed their funding goals, but a little extra never hurt.

15709800392_e8d56e310a_c5 | I’m good about not accumulating too much “stuff”…but these Kaikado tea caddies are beautiful.

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