Notes from Qatar

17918792730_7983968dae_cA few notes from Qatar…

17485360853_b2104e1f78_cHave you heard of karak chai?

17483297894_f299a3110b_cIt’s similar to masala chai. Heavy on cardamom and velvety with whole milk. The crazy part about steaming 115F days (and nights) is that the hotter it gets, the more I crave hot drinks.

17918216830_8e7d877d68_cI found someone who was generous enough to share their karak chai recipe…we’ll do a post on that soon. Such an intense color.

18107470691_6157144081_cAnd then of course, when it’s nice and air-conditioned I order iced drinks. Found so many tea-based concoctions include this one of sencha and elderflower…

18078710836_c38ece1aed_c…and another of oolong, rose water, and raspberry. Killer combo. I’m still dreaming about this one.

18102006595_50f5f808a1_cA most chic Shisha Terrace…

17484711603_3507aceb9f_c…and inside the IM Pei-designed Museum of Islamic Art. Wish I knew Alain Ducasse had a restaurant there! We’ll back again.

18103072251_73f8768353_c…and I can’t recall the name of this bread (will find out!) but it’s served in both savory and sweet (layered with sugar) forms. Hot and flakey. Just enough grease. With eggs and stews for breakfast. And just plain for an afternoon snack. It was like a combo of puff pastry and pita, only much more fragile.

18107028381_b837f1ae03_cSpeaking of breakfast…this one is made of dreams.

18107457401_9a62cef7a4_cI’ve been trying to hunt out a good source for oud/agarwood to use for tea. Makes for a very heady session, especially when coupled with aged teas and cigars.

18103218611_5832595aab_cA special afternoon tea which you read about here. And don’t forget about the Moroccan tea service.

17914021768_9858eda2ea_cDusk at Four Seasons Doha. You see that circular building? It’s designed by David Rockwell…

18101098852_9510c27ae7_c…and is the newest (and world’s largest) Nobu.

18638554502_464083e5b2_cLate nights at Souq Waqif…

17914070898_3e4303500f_c…and ice cream (and dessert) on every occasion possible. Mango and toasted pistachio!

18103025182_83e236334a_cAnd here, Saudi Arabia on the horizon.

  • Dee
    June 10, 2015

    What a refreshingly beautiful and informative post Kathy. I too am curious to know what the light flaky looking bread is. Looking forward to the chai recipe.

  • Katy Bee
    June 13, 2015

    Please do share the recipe for the chai! It looks dreamy

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