NYC | Afternoon Tea at Greenwich Project

Bao and I had tea at Greenwich Project today.

It’s one of the few non-hotel places that serve a proper afternoon tea (other places include Bosie Tea Parlor, Lady Mendl’s, FP Patisserie, and Podunk). 

They have eight different Mariage Frères blends on the menu. I had French Breakfast and Bao went with Thé Vert Marco Polo (the green tea version of their famous Marco Polo tea). 

Let’s begin with sandwiches! These were excellent and assembled to order. You’d be surprised by how many places make sandwiches in advance and either freeze or cover it in plastic. Select three from seven options. I put an asterisk next to the ones we had.

  • salmon and cucumber
  • truffle egg salad*
  • ham and manchego*
  • fie and brie*
  • taleggio and pear
  • chicken, walnut, and apple salad
  • sea bream rillete

Warm cranberry and toasted walnut scones, brown sugar muffin, and melted chocolate muffin.

Scones come with lemon curd and Devonshire cream…

…and a delicate sugar crust. 

And then to the sweets!

Apricot pâte de fruit…

…and snickerdoodle cookies.

Chocolate truffles…

…and Mexican wedding cookies.

A caramel-hazelnut biscotti…

…raspberry linzer cookies…

…and one very pretty mint-topped fruit tart.

Till next time ^_^

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