NYC | Afternoon Tea at The Williamsburg Hotel

Afternoon tea on a Friday….

…a table for two at The Williamsburg Hotel. A pot of Korean Pear tisane (from Stefen at Tea Dealers). Other teas on offer: Thurbo Darjeeling, Nahorabi Assam, and Yabukita Karigane. Ready to begin? All the sweets and savories come from Adam Leonti of Brooklyn Bread Lab.

We’ll start at the top with savories. Cucumber and brie sandwich.

Black pepper and mascarpone quiche

Rye madeline

Zucchini cake

Lemon-vanilla tart

Apricot jam sandwich

Puffed wheat nougat (my favorite bite)

Sweet potato doughnut (my other favorite bite, mochi-esque in texture)

Chili-chocolate brownie


Vanilla bean shortbread

Currant scone


Malted pecan chocolate tart. We’ll be back ^-^

  • Carmen
    April 16, 2017

    Hi Kathy, this looks yummy! Out of curiosity, what camera do you use?

  • M
    May 6, 2017

    Do they give you one of each sweet/savory/scone to share between two people? It seems like that from the picture (and a bit of a strange practice).

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