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Snapshots from a most memorable evening with Lisa and Allen at AteraAmazing food and even better company. 

Dinner started at 9:30pm and it was nearly 2am by the time I returned home. We did pairings and that didn’t involve just wine, but also sake, cider, beer, cocktails, and…tea!

Wish all Tuesday nights were this delicious. 

Beer macarons with caviar, beets dipped in beeswax, geoduck and cured pork fat, ikura on crackers, mini lobster rolls with meringue buns, beef tendon crisps.

pickled quail eggs and pig blood waffles with chicken liver pate.

Bone marrow and hearts of palm, and cured swordfish belly brushed in pork fat.

 Jupiter grapes and tapenade…

…yellowfin tuna and tomato preserves.  

Razor clam with almond and garlic… 

…Santa Barbara uni and squash.

Diver scallop with fermented cabbage… 

…dried beets with brown butter and blackberry. 

Peekytoe crab ravioli and toasted grain dashi. ..and then came bread (slices of a salted rye loaf and sourdough dipped in pork fat) and butter whipped with cheese

Matsutaki mushrooms with foie gras and pine nuts.  

This was paired with a Mi Lan Xiang (also called Honey Orchid), a type of Phoenix oolong from Guangdong.

Sepia and chicken bouillon… 

…grilled halibut and chamomile. 

Roasted squab with berries and black garlic… 

…followed by lamb and pepper condiment.  

Harbison (from Jasper Hills) cheesecake with lemon sherbet… 

…and a cocktail.

Strawberries and saltine meringue…

…the cracked egg ice cream with egg yolk jam.

Then time for my favorite thing to do, drink tea :) They serve a selection from Sebastian at In Pursuit of Tea…

…we had Wuji oolong and Darjeeling.  

A walnut sundae with celery root. ..

…followed by bourbon cask ice cream sandwiches with almond and vanilla.

Peanut butter pretzels and… 

…black walnuts of chocolate and caramel. 

Goodnight! :) 


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