NYC | Gothamist | 5 Things To Know About The Mondrian Soho

Head over to Gothamist for my latest 5 Things To Know

…about the Mondrian Soho ^_^

It’s the tallest building in Soho (28 floors)…

…you gotta get up to the penthouse space to see the view on a warm day. So amazing!

But my favorite part of the Mondrian is Isola, the in-hotel restaurant.

They do signature crudos…

…tea cocktails (this one has black currant tea, rum, apricot, and lemon), and off-menu warm chocolate chip cookies.

There’s a hidden club called Mister H.

But since I’m not much of the clubbing type…

…you can find me tucked in bed…

…all cozy with tea and books by my side. 

Till next time ^-^

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