NYC | Ippodo Tea Workshop

Ippodo recently launched a series of tea workshops, and I joined Lisa (thanks :) for an afternoon session last Friday.

We started with gyokuro, cold-steeping for 15 minutes…

…and pairing with yokan from the pastry chef at Kajitsu (right upstairs). I took the rest of the gyokuro leaves home, it’s so good with shoyu and toasted sesame seeds. 

Here’s a look at the other teas we tasted…

…which included Sencha and Yanagi, Hojicha and Genmaicha.

And of course, matcha.

Scoop, sift, pour, and whisk.

Devoured with “kimono” mochi stuffed with azuki bean paste. 

They held two other sessions over the weekend with more to come. Will keep you posted on the new dates. 

P.S. Remember Ippodo matcha slushies from summer? Wish it was offered during the fall/winter months ^_^

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