Korean Tea/Sweets Flight with LIE SANGBONG

Jee and I hosted a tasting of Korean teas/tisanes and sweets with LIE SANGBONG and LIE Collection

 …(this black jacket is my current favorite from LIE SANGBONG :). Four brews paired with four sweets. Let’s take a look…

First, Wild Persimmon and Yaksik (sweet rice, chestnut, brown sugar, jujube, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds).

Second, Mulberry Leaves and Gyeongdan (Korean rice ball cake).

Third, Sejak green and Korean-style manju.

Fourth, a Lucky Eight blend (more details on this soon) and Cherry Blossom Buttercream Cupcake from Brooklyn Floral Delights.

Simple, sweet, and complete ^-^

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