NYC | Pure Leaf Tea House

Inside PepsiCo’s Pure Leaf Tea House concept.

A Soho summer pop-up. Ten drinks on the menu, ranging from the familiar to the exotic (but accessible)…

The offerings (all finished with “tea leaf essence”):

  • American Iced Teas
    • Iced Purple Tea – purple tea, berries
    • Iced Mint Mojito – gunpowder tea, lime juice, mint
    • Iced Berry Hibiscus – hibiscus herbal, berries, flowers
    • Iced Peach Tea – peach tea, almond, mint
    • Iced Black Tea – black tea, lemon
  • Japanese Matcha
    • Iced Big Apple Matcha – matcha, apple juice, ginger, lime juice
    • Hot Matchaccino – matcha, frothed milk, dark chocolate
    • Hot Popcorn Tea – genmaicha, side of sweet-and-salty popcorn dusted with matcha
  • Indian Chai
    • Iced Golden Chai – fresh ground spices, milk and black tea, star anise, iced
    • Hot Golden Chai –¬†fresh ground spices, milk and black tea, star anise, hot

Order at the register and…

….watch drinks being prepared at the open bar.

Grab a seat. There are tea (among other plants) tucked throughout. And what’s that you smell? The mist of tea leaf essence.

Thank you to Allen for shooting these photos ^_^


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