NYC | Sunday Dinner

A good Sunday dinner…

…starts with roast chicken! Garlic, thyme, and olive oil under the skin. Salt and pepper on top. In the oven it goes…

…while cauliflower boils away on the stove.

Cauliflower mash! We added olive oil and salt, but next time we can try butter and roasted (or raw :) garlic.

Salad niçoise with extra anchovies and boiled eggs. Tomatoes, string beans, olives, cucumbers, and mustard vinaigrette. 

We had chicken liver pâté…

…from this NYT recipe.

A pound of livers, thyme and port. Heavy cream, shallots, and plenty of butter. 

Devoured with soda crackers from Diamond Head Bakery. Most decadent.

A stir-fry of pancetta, leeks, and asparagus.

This dish would make a nice weeknight dinner. With a big bowl of rice!

And then the roast chicken came out of the oven. Super crisp skin. Carrots and onions, and all the drippings. Oh man, we should have made gravy. Time to eat.

But save room for dessert. We’ve got strawberries with crème fraîche and honey…

…and Lady M’s strawberry mille crêpe for Megan’s birthday ^_^

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