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I recently did a story for Gotham Magazine on the best truffle dishes this season. My camera smelled like black and white truffles for weeks (not complaining!) and I found myself sniffing my hands after every shoot. That scent of truffles…so heady and heavenly. Click here for the article and see below for a few outtakes. That top photo is of the White Truffle Pizza at Colicchio & Sons…

…these are their truffles.

Pizza in the making! It was such a treat to watch the process. They use a variety of wild mushrooms – maitakes, porcinis and oyster mushrooms on the day I visited. Black truffle béchamel at the base, a “secret” mix of cheeses, herb purée, and taleggio.

And just out of the oven. Note, you can also order this same pizza minus the truffles for only $18. Look for a Mushroom & Taleggio Pizza on the menu, totally worth it. The truffles make it even more decadent, but it’s pretty dreamy even without.

A Voce is doing a bunch of different truffle dishes at their two locations (Madison and Columbus Circle) including this seared pheasant…

…and a veal tartar.


…and at The Carlyle Hotel’s Café Carlyle they developed a special menu for the season. Truffles get shaved over everything from a salad of bitter greens to…

…a simple pasta of fresh tagliatelle and butter…

…and a dish of veal, butternut squash and roasted apples. Bliss! See all the photos at Gotham – we also stopped by Burger & Barrel, Casa Nonna, and Angolo Soho.

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