NYC | Turkish Afternoon Tea at Baccarat Hotel

Today, a very beautiful Turkish Tea at Dolmabahçe Palace at Baccarat Hotel.

But first, how about this stunner? Gold teapot (to steep mint and gunpowder), more at the end of the post. This afternoon tea is served in four courses…

First, your pick of arak (left) or rose petal lemonade (right). This comes with a tower of single bites (dates, figs, marcona almonds, apricots, walnuts, and caper berries).

Baccarat Hotel has a number of good mocktails on the menu…you’ve seen a few in this post.

Second course, two tiers of three items. On the bottom are pistachio financiers topped with roasted fennel and olives. There are also date crisps with parsnip and duck prosciutto.

On top, the spicy, saucy lamb merguez and feta stuffed into a filo purse…hot from the oven. This was a real delight.

Third course, warm chicken pastilla with almonds. Is it terrible that half the reason I love pastilla is for the sugar dusted over the top? Something about sugared crusts and savory pastries always excite me.

On the top tier are rings of sunflower-fennel simit. Four dips to accompany: baba ganoush, apricot-saffron jam (my favorite), hummus, and tzatziki,

Fourth course, labneh ice cream topped with rose halva and candied kumquats.

The tea, a blend of mint and gunpowder green, is served at the very end. Till next time ^-^

P.S. Other types of afternoon tea at Baccarat Hotel: Classic, Valentine’s, Vegan, and Caviar.

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  • L.M.Rich
    March 2, 2019

    Hi Kathy,

    This is simply fabulous. Going to high tea is my idea of an excursion on vacation. . You have definitely hit some of my high points. I love your relaxed attitude about the experience.
    I would love to learn more about tea varieties and what to look for. Particularly in tea tastings. I am purely an amateur that loves tea. I did a tasting in Beijing for an hour and was just as confused when I came out as I was when I went in. Still didn’t get exactly what I was looking for. Can you recommend a good way to start?

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