Odds and Ends from San Francisco

Last batch of goodies from San Francisco…aka all the odds and ends.

Afternoons at the Four Seasons

…and mornings at Ritual Coffee.

Other mornings at Four Barrel Coffee…

….and the “Chocolate Thing” from Arizmendi Bakery. A cheerful, large and buttery bun with dots of semi-sweet chocolate chips.


Crazy good sandwiches from The Sentinel.

Dinners at Beretta and Farina…

…Mission Street Eatery and Nopalito.

Late night delivery from Mission Chinese Food (I still haven’t visited the one in NYC).

A day in Sausalito (it’s

We always have lunch at Sushi Ran…

…don’t forget the uni ^_^

….and then get ice cream at Lappert’s. It’s not affiliated with the original Hawai’i Lappert’s (which I just learned). But they still have my favorite flavor, the Kauai Pie.

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