Oolong for Two

15314376723_2411a2b45f_c (1)A very rainy afternoon. Here we are…

15314381093_4fd9551f5a_c…at this table for two.

15747986869_9d9784dd32_cA cup for me. A cup for you.

15932051351_5988b5220c_cOolong. A winter sprout from Taiwan…

15933365612_8ce0eb1a05_c…sweet as could be. First steep. Maple, cotton candy on the nose…

15314378583_153584c0cc_c…vibrant and velvety on the tongue.

15908217606_79157c72a1_cSecond steep. Softer, gentle…but no less rich.

15932053451_a4272be405_cOnto the third. The fourth! And the fifth. The sixth.

15746728330_f187884283_cPretty soon. The sun is gone, the sky is black. Time for dinner ^-^

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