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Back from Paris ^_^

There are a million delicious moments I’m excited to share (and some unusual ones like food poisoning and having the police take away our passports in Nice). But I’m not quite sure where to start…perhaps lunch at David Toutain?

Beef tartare wrapped in strawberries!

Verbena sponge

Oysters and peas

Bread and butter

Asparagus and parmesan

Squid and garlic flowers

Sole, olive oil, and peas

Roast pork from Spain

Here’s what the whole cut looks like.

Smoked eel, black sesame, and apples. We enjoyed this one so much they ended up sending out another of the exact same dish ^_^

And then onto the sweets. White chocolate, cauliflower, and coconut.

Strawberries and parsley (!) ice cream. 

Warm raspberry financiers…

…and chocolate crackle sandwiches with salted caramel. 

Ok, hope everyone is having a good weekend ^_^

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  • Roze
    May 6, 2014

    Oooohh…Beef Tartare wrapped in strawberries! Crazy combination and so lovely!

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