Paris in August

28369403274_c300c09ef3_cThe weather was dark, cool. The city quiet. I love August in Paris ^-^

29730394565_b979746a67_cThere was that first night in a dollhouse of a room…

28696694790_815fc97720_cAn early dinner at La Buvette.

28950535056_3f525efdb0_cRillettes, cheese…

28696694080_77d104bc12_c…that chocolate cake and ploof of crème fraîche.

28950535836_36510b5fab_cI wish good cider could accompany every meal.

28366045273_65d31c30e4_cA later dinner at one of my favorites, Hugo Desnoyer. This place is magical, all about the tartare.

28906498781_ee1ee3463f_cBest to go with the trilogy and get a taste of them all. Beef, veal, lamb.

28366043793_f6fcf6b4bb_cAnd those fries, oh man.

28696689790_f6388fcd3a_cFor the second round, do it all again raw. Or opt for it cooked on one side (pictured). Or cooked both sides. Add an egg if you so desire.

28906486011_aec4ef028b_cFollow it up with grilled bone marrow and a bit of yuzu kosho.

28982899295_0ba5b8e46d_cFrisée salad with bacon, fourme d’ambert, and eggs for balance. Dessert? Rice pudding, of course.

28956086136_aa4e35c310_cLiLi, to satisfy all dumpling cravings. Rounds of xiao long bao

28366651013_55f492f011_c…and a single giant crab dumpling in soup.

28988541745_a868dd0984_cSweet mochi stuffed with black sesame.

28983561915_9ef17e815d_cAnd pu’erh, always pu’erh.

28988544305_024aca3db3_cThese chopstick holders make me dream of Hong Kong.

28697520030_67e4e95296_cWe’ll be back.

28702568570_7133c9ec60_cA little oasis at the Shangri-La…

28956070646_b89868beab_c…and honeyed macarons.

28883406352_1c33ea682b_cThe tea basket, ready to go.

28883403972_af4bac4b23_cAll the good things at Matsuhisa…

28369376984_5a7380e894_c…and a kiss of Château d’Yquem for dessert.

28988491775_26827780f3_cVery sweet dreams. Not sure I’ll ever get this lucky with a room view again.

28956146486_ac35bbda4a_cBao came over for tea one afternoon ^-^

28988590225_e20003c475_cSupper at Shang Palace. Tomatoes marinated with plum, mint, and basil.

28371748783_dced192ee5_cCabbage marinated in mustard.

28702634460_ba08ff239b_cLo Hei salmon. Pour in the plum-sesame sauce, mix and devour. One of my all-time favorites. I wish this was more commonly served as a year round dish.

28883451692_d55a4dd307_cDouble-boiled Chinese mushroom soup with bamboo fungus.

28912328291_fd6944d41e_cRoast sucking pig and caviar.

28988583915_e54f6f9b97_cBasil seeds and fresh almond jellies.


28956120046_fe0b82bfba_cI always carry a number of teas when traveling (usually new products/harvest, samples I’ve been meaning to taste, etc). Whole leaf tea bags for when I’m at the airport. Beautiful loose ones to steep hot and brew cold at the hotels. I did all pu’erh and Taiwanese black teas this trip.

28371733383_83fff0f0a8_cMidnight garden.

28369429174_343ccb6ab3_cYou remember how much I love a good hotel breakfast? I wake up early for this ^-^

28702657460_d601cf131e_cIn-room (with bathrobe on and a good book)…

28369430304_874924c253_c…or downstairs? I cannot decide! Both make me happy. Especially when there’s a Chinese or Japanese breakfast on the menu.

28988647875_0752c73f9a_cCouldn’t wait to devour this ripe Camembert so I found a cafe.

28883524202_0418912661_cOn the same block, Maison de la Chantilly…

28912384111_be8aabf7e5_c…for this vanilla cone filled with freshly whipped cream. Heaven.


28956205496_de61881224_c…and whole head of roasted cauliflower…

28956206066_556e15c3ac_c…and beef bourguignon.

28956204996_493600af4f_cThen Boot Cafe for pastries and hot chocolate.


28371824033_ae7229c937_c…and ricotta pancakes at the Four Seasons Paris.

28883548722_59f4ea227f_cFound! A poke bowl in Paris. This was at La 8 Iéna.

28371843213_f0f1edba33_cAlways finishing with dessert.

28369476464_25324bcf16_cA clean dirty martini at Bar Hemingway before dinner…

28371836793_9bb13223c2_c…at Le Cinq.

28371834133_59c7df86a8_cThree favorites. Tomatoes and fresh cheese…

28988663795_923ee27d5d_c…Dublin bay prawns from Brittany. Warm mayonnaise and crunchy buckwheat pancake.

28988657305_5fe365449d_cThis was a pretty wild dessert, “Dairy Iced.”

29648857981_44d56d6a67_cTill next time ^-^


  • Pomai
    September 18, 2016

    Aloha Kathy,

    First time visitor here, thanks to your comment on my blog over at The Tasty Island. And I must say, your photography skills are OUTSTANDING! WOW!

    May I ask what rig you use? DSLR? “Prosumer” point ‘n shoot? Phone camera? Ack!

    Actually, I pretty much finally gave up using my Canon S100, which has a large sensor and bright aperture lens, as my Samsung Galaxy Note 5, as at least if the lighting is good, I get BETTER shots than my Canon “prosumer” point ‘n shoot camera. Plus, it’s so much easier of course to carry around, and the battery life is much better than the dedicated camera. Plus I can make phone calls. lol

    I added your blog here to my LINKS page over at the Tasty Island. Hope that helps drive more traffic here. ;-)

    The Tasty Island
    Honolulu Food Blog

    • Kathy YL Chan
      September 26, 2016

      Thanks, Pomai! Been a long time reader and fan of The Tasty Island ^-^
      I’ve been using a Sony RX1 for the past few years…love this camera. I got rid of all my dslr and other point and shoot cameras after getting this one. It’s small and shoots like a dream. Well worth it!

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