Paris | La Pâtisserie By Cyril Lignac

For this rainy Monday, a visit to La Pâtisserie By Cyril Lignac.

We stopped by this 11th arr. pâtisserie on the way to London. Croissants, sandwiches and sweets for the train ride. Will have to return on our next Paris trip…also because Bistrot Paul Bret is just a few doors down. That pepper steakAhhh goodness.

My dad (he of the ) was in heaven.

More on the croissants here.

We also got a few sandwiches. Tuna, olives, and lettuce on baguette…

…and another of roasted peppers, cheese, and ham.

Here’s a look inside, butter on both halves of the baguette.

A puffy olive loaf because my sister is obsessed with anything that involves olives.

And wobbly wedges of flan for myself. Baked in a flaky tart shells and topped with caramel, the whole thing perfumed with vanilla beans. This alone is worth a visit.

Madeleines are sold by the sets of three…

…one plain, one with a sour cherry jam center and another with honey.

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