Paris | yam’Tcha

Last Tuesday in Paris. Can you believe it was this bright at 8pm?

We had dinner at yam’Tcha, a restaurant I’ve been curious to try because…

…every course on the tasting menu is paired with tea ^_^

Let’s begin.

Smoked tofu spring roll and a sweet-spicy dipping sauce.

Clam broth blended with St. George mushrooms…

…and paired with tieguanyin.

Chutoro, gooseberries, radishes, and seaweed with…

…a white tea from Yunnan that tastes naturally of roses. 

Seared foie gras from Landes, asparagus, and abalone with.. 

…a five-year cooked pu’erh from Yunnan.

The best dish of the night. Lobster and sweet potato noodles in an XO and keemun tea broth. A perfect combo… 

…served with a blue oolong from Fujian.

Lamb saddle from Brittany, turnips, and brousse cheese from the South of France with…

…Wuyi rock oolong. 

Cheese course! Steamed bun stuffed with stilton and a Luxardo cherry in the center. A marvelous ooze…

…accompanied by an organic green from Fujian. 

For dessert, a strawberry and raspberry pavlova…

…almond ice cream in sorrel cream…

…both paired with jasmine tea from Fujian.

Ok, happy Tuesday everyone ^_^

  • Kate
    May 6, 2014

    This looks wonderful! I was just in Paris two months ago and am sad to have missed this.

  • Kei
    May 7, 2014

    I’ve been curious about Yam’tcha, too. How does tea service work? Does a tea sommelier steep and pour? Are you encouraged to pour for yourselves after the first cup? How did timing work out?

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