Pastry Paris: In Paris, Everything Looks Like Dessert

Bonjour Pastry Paris! Susan Hochbaum’s new book comes out October 11th, and I was grateful to score an advance copy from The Little Bookroom.* It is a sight for the eyes.

In 2009 Susan produced Pastry | Paris a whimsical short film comparing classic Parisian sweets with architecture, scenes, and styles of the city. It makes sense that a matching book would follow, and now it has. She is a graphic designer by trade and it comes across in this wonder where each page is filled with one favorite after another, a visual interpretation: “In Paris, Everything Looks Like Dessert.” She doesn’t miss a beat:

Chantilly-topped St. Honoré = a woman’s dress
Financier = Louvre
Mille-Feuille, especially the one from Le Bon Marché = the Paris Opéra
Pistache-Fraise (pictured above) = Daniel Buren’s installation at Palais-Royal
Brioche = Monet’s Haystacks painting

And of course who can forget le palmier?

Take a look at this rainbow of éclairs. Can you recognize where each one comes from? I’d say Fauchon is responsible for one at the very, very least ;)

And petits fours! This begs for an afternoon tea party. All we need is a gorgeous porcelain three-tiered tea stand, a pot of earl grey tea and we’re set for the day. Love that Dalloyau tart, third from the right, third row down. Though I surely wouldn’t complain if you decided to share a trio of pastel cream puffs.

Bookmarked: pages reflecting a dozen (give or take) versions of a single sweet. So many studies on le macaron. Look carefully and you’ll find grapefruit-wasabi, passionfruit-basil, and even banana-ginger. And to think, we are still lamenting over the macaron à la réglisse (aka licorice macaron) that didn’t make it over to the NYC branch of Ladurée. Blame it on the FDA.

We should be back to Paris early next year, but till then I shall be dreaming away via Pastry Paris, oh yes.

*If the dreamy energy and style of this book seem familiar, don’t forget that The Little Bookroom published another personal favourite, The Pâtisseries of Paris.

  • K and S
    September 21, 2011

    that looks like a fun book!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    September 21, 2011

    @kat: it sure is! so much eye candy heheh ^_^

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