Phoenix Collection

We met David Lee Hoffman on Saturday afternoon…

…his home/workshop/tea caves are collectively called Last Resort (read more about it here). It’s something wild. Breathtaking and peaceful at the same time.

Where to begin…

Perhaps up this path…

…passing by his many projects.

Look right, look left. Look up and look down.

Here is the outdoor kitchen. Everything is cooked by fire…

…or the sun. Here, eggs are scrambled, bread is baked.

Further we go…

…no time to sleep, barely time to blink!

We’re almost there…

…into the most wondrous kitchen I’ve ever seen.

Outside looking in.

It feels like we’re on a movie set.

We sit for lunch, spiced lamb and bread. Water because hydration is key after a long tasting.

Here, gaiwans and cups go to the ceiling.

Afternoon turns to early evening and we head back down…

…passing David’s pu’erh caves. He sells aged teas under The Phoenix Collection

…and has a retail shop in┬áLagunitas.

It’s open 10am-2pm on Saturdays, plan accordingly.

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