Portland Japanese Garden

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There’s a new teahouse inside the Portland Japanese Gardens…

…designed by Kengo Kuma. It’s called Umami Café. Want to see inside?

I came on my own, for a seat along the bar…

…and an order of matcha and chakin shibori.

Front row action.

The tea is from Jugetsudo (remember our visit in Paris?) and the wagashi is from Yume Confections. You see the tiny sugar-dusted leaves? I’ve only had the hard rock candy-esque ones in the past but these were soft and jelly-like. Very good.

It was freezing and raining that Sunday morning…

…but I had my favorite scarf and the warmest hat. No complaints.

A little time to sit and think is always a treat.

P.S. There’s another tearoom deeper in the gardens…

…this one is just for looking ^_^

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  • Marilyn
    December 26, 2017

    You were in my city. How I love these gardens and tearooms. I have been served in the second tearoom for a special tea ceremony. It was quite wonderful. The new tearoom is wonderful too.

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