Recently in NYC | The John Dory, Davey’s Ice Cream, Box Kite Cafe, Flushing, and Otto

Happy Monday. Tomorrow is April! How did that come so fast?

We are heading to Paris, Champagne, and Monaco in two weeks and I can hardly wait. Till then, a few favorite bites from the past week. I spend most days eating (dessert) and drinking (tea)…and am very grateful to call that “work.”

I. Afternoon oysters and bubbles at The John Dory…

…with April and Bao. Complete with extra buttery Parker House rolls…

…and sticky toffee pudding (insane!!)

II. A stop at Davey’s Ice Cream for fudgy brownies…

…and a scoop of Chocolate Babka Ice Cream. 

III. Otto. One of my all-time favorite NYC restaurants. English peas are back in season, huzzah!

And Olive Oil Copettas are always in season. Right now they’re topped with tangerine sorbet, fennel brittle, lime curd, and blood oranges. One for Christina, and one for me ^_^

IV. The 1 + 1 at Box Kite Cafe. Espresso, macchiato, sparkling water, and a tiny cinnamon cookie.

V. A quick morning trip to Flushing complete with xiao long bao from Nan Xiang…

…and peking duck buns to-go ^_^

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