Reims, Champagne, France | Château Les Crayères

Today we move from L’Assiette Champenoise to…Les Crayères!

Both hotels are located in Reims and just a ten-minute cab ride apart.

But whereas L’Assiette Champenoise is a modern property…

…Les Crayères is straight-up château. 

They’ve got two in-château restaurants. 

The more casual one is called Le Jardin…

We went here for a lunch of sweetbreads sautéed with wine and butter. Best accompanied by champagne ^_^

And for dessert, boozy banana tiramisu. 

The more formal restaurant is Le Parc. Let’s eat! Foie, salmon, asparagus, and cheese.

And then more foie gras…this time with strawberries. 

A velvety cream of spring vegetables…

…and sole with peas, mint, and corn. 

Magret de canard! With radishes and morels. 

And then the cheese cart…

…which I could only narrow down to four. 

A palate cleaner of strawberries and champagne followed by…

…variations on pineapple…

…and a pear soufflé.

Mignardises at midnight. A pistachio and pineapple tart, chocolate-caramel lollipop, peanut butter and jelly bonbon, and whipped soft cheese with citron. 

Happy weekend ^-^

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  • Marilyn
    August 6, 2015


    Your photos are great!


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