Road Trip To Maine (New Haven on the Way)

19638950822_766b80f6e7_cA little road trip to Maine…

19457497258_8a2684f635_c…started in Manhattan. And then up to the Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Madonia Brothers Bakery! Cannoli, filled to order…

19457480778_5e9e16851c_c…and golden sfogliatelle. All that sweet ricotta and orange zest!

19457476118_a096a57910_cThen we drove for an hour, up and east. 6pm at the bar of The Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges. Pinot blanc.

19457453908_c30ea31448_cSweet pea guacamole with fried tortillas. Still warm…

19638429042_a950146d87_c…and a summer tomato salad with shaved red onions, jalapeño, and sherry vinaigrette.

19458869819_5b5daa48dc_cRoasted hake in a stew of baby onions, carrots, peas, and saffron.

19619276736_0d523cf07c_cHow pretty is this poppy seed-crusted salmon? Served with summer squash and a nasturtium vinaigrette.

19457443230_9f2c8d8e78_cDon’t forget to talk a walk around the restaurant before/after dinner.

19024478583_e992b35225_cFrom Pound Ridge, we drove another hour east to spend a night in New Haven. We checked in at The Study and walked to Ashley’s for ice cream. One scoop of Icebox Cake (chocolate-banana base with chocolate-covered graham crackers).

19645414525_ea44cb226e_cWe devoured that while walking to Shake Shack on Chapel Street. I like how every Shake Shacks has special concrete blends (good reason to visit them all heheh). This is Boola Boola Blue, blending vanilla custard with lemon-blueberry pie from Scratch Baking.

19022830994_f9df81de57_cWe woke early the next movie. And then drove four (!) hours to Portland, Maine. This was my first trip to Maine ^-^

19024443393_b4f475ca54_cFirst stop, Eventide Oyster Co.! I could eat oysters every single day.

19645362505_ca3a19f41a_cWe started with a pork katsu sandwich (good call on the kewpie), and the brown butter lobster roll on a steam bun (like a bao). I found the recipe if you’re curious to make it at home.

19650334351_3de3f3a516_cOysters! Good glory. All from Maine. Left to right: North Haven, Basket Island, Pemaquid, Dodge Cove, Norumbega, and Winter Point. They do a lot of interesting “ice” flavors that come with the oysters. Think tabasco, pickled ginger, kim chee, nuoc nam (pictured on bottom left). I like oysters best with just a squeeze of lemon.

19638826002_758ec78862_cWe walked across the street to Duckfat for a post-lunch treat. Poutine! Belgian fries fried in duck fat. Topped with cheese curds, duck gravy, and chives.

19638811222_7103fc09ec_cAnd then we walked to The Standard Baking Co. for…

19459257939_9b6e1918c3_c…a beautiful nectarine frangipane tart.

19457818888_7aa42e1e9c_cNext, a visit to The Holy Donut!

19023277704_8a6d596444_cThese doughnuts are made with Maine mashed potatoes, making them extra plush. Coffee-brandy on the left and cranberry-raspberry on the right.

19024874043_8dcd4d8c8f_cAnd then we got gelato at Gorgeous Gelato.

19638773922_915c9cdf81_cPistachio on the left, coconut on the right.

19457821880_c4129b7d68_cFrom there, we took a long nap at the hotel. And then off to dinner at Miyake. Two seats at the bar, a bottle of sparkling riesling from Austria. Yaki uni! Uni grilled with mascarpone and enoki mushrooms.

19457758998_240963205e_cMaine lobster with crème fraîche, tonburi, green peppercorns, and dill.

19459181699_e2133e1362_cBinchotan grilled duck breast with sansho balsamic.

19638672882_6423b6c624_cAnd warm chocolate cake with miso-caramel and whipped cream.

19024764493_9fe23d5259_cThe next morning/afternoon was devoted to lobster rolls! But first we had to get breakfast. So we went to Ten Ten Pié for visitandine with sour cherries (forgot to take a “real” photo, but you can see the visitandine on my instagram). And then we went back to The Holy Donut because I love doughnuts so much.

19645703105_e456108bb0_cA sweet potato-ginger doughnut! Using mashed sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes.

19650148551_5ee1b052b6_cA Maine blueberry doughnut. This one was gluten-free. Not nearly as good.

19457696910_99aa21ede8_cFirst stop was in Georgetown for…

19457610478_c227da6d09_cFive Islands Lobster Co

19459049739_e146b141c8_c…don’t forget to order onion rings with the lobster roll ^-^

19458022410_3c4f4267b1_cSecond stop, Shaw’s Fish & Lobster Wharf in New Harbor.

19619816366_c29a85aa8c_cSimple, clean, fresh.

19638972392_3a1671f879_cAnd then third stop at Red’s Eats in Wiscasset…

19025045353_88f15e6bc2_c…love how it comes with warm clarified butter.

19458002860_00bdacca19_cA little break at Rockland’s Rock City Coffee Roasters

19638936322_70f5426423_c…before dinner at Fore Street. More oysters. Basket Island on the left, Damariscotta on the right. Roasted mussels, and their smoked seafood platter. Charcuterie (and really good duck hearts)…

19619751046_2cfa8f74a8_c…and local strawberries and raspberries. Served with sugar, cream, and balsamic.

19023357784_01c2e644b5_cThen off to Gelato Fiasco for four flavors in a tiny cup. Strawberry-balsamic, fresh cream, espresso chip, and ginger-cardamom.

19024975703_7496b90492_cPortland Hunt & Alpine Club was just up the block. So we went there for champagne and popcorn (with parmesan, butter and green chile). What a nice end to dinner.

19646310645_44dfe624c2_cRise and shine the next morning!

19459732939_ee07531c96_cWe started at the original location of Tandem Coffee Roasters for coffee…

19620084036_8cf21bd244_c…and then we went to the second/newer location where they also have a bakery.

19639253292_e32f788ae5_cJust as charming, and so much more space. And food.

19620101976_97f1c4af6a_cAhh Maine blueberry pie! Perfect with that big, fat, buttery streusel topping. Malted ice coffee on the side.

19650727621_aec7dfcf6b_cToasted black sesame banana bread…

19639226782_bfa3b1cdaf_cAnd a killer roast chicken sandwich on house-baked focaccia. Hot and sour cucumbers.

19024921193_7d59dd18ab_cA stop at Harbor Fish Market to pick up live lobsters for the drive back.

19025311793_0ccb540cc6_cAnd one more stop in New Haven at Modern Apizza for the Italian Bomb. Hehheeh.

19459070389_59d6291e39_cThank you for a very lovely road trip ^-^

  • Marilyn
    July 18, 2015

    How you ate all of that, I don’t know! I was good until I got to the lobster rolls, oh my goodness!!!

  • Mae
    July 18, 2015

    Potato doughnuts! They look so good. Loved this post, I have a friend in Maine right now and he keeps talking about lobster rolls. They look delicious.

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