San Francisco | Boulette’s Larder, Craftsman & Wolves, Humphry Slocombe, Bouchon Bakery in Napa, Solage Calistoga, and Little Treats from the Ferry Building

A few favorite moments from SF (and then we can catch up on Paris and London ;)

1. Canelés from Boulette’s Larder.

They bake a dozen every morning and sell out by noon. So go early. We don’t have a single canelé in NYC as good as these. Baked in classic copper molds lined with beeswax and butter, they’re fragrant with vanilla and all custardy inside. Outside, dark brown, seriously caramelized with just a bit of crunch. Divine.

2. A post-lunch visit to 

Craftsman & Wolves


Have you seen the Rebel Within? Crazy. Wish I visited before the foie gras ban, just to try The Devil Inside. Chocolate cake with toffee, chocolate pudding, and foie gras.

We did however, indulge in The Devil, a chocolate cake with toffee and cacao nibs.

Very dark and fudgy.

We also had this Milk and Cookies verrine…

…panna cotta with biscotti crumbs and a shot of bourbon, so playful.

And the Cube Cake Bar with almond cake, peaches, olive oil, and nougatine.

3. …followed by an afternoon trip to Humphry Slocombe.

A scoop each of Thai Chili Lime Sorbet and La Quercia Prosciutto (seriously)…

…and then the Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt with Pepper and Fresh Mint on top.

Note: Blue Bottle makes these great with Maple-Walnut ice cream from Humphry Slocombe.

4. We spent a day in Napa Valley (four couples, two babies…you can just imagine). The day started with breakfast at Bouchon Bakery. The goods at this location taste about 100X better than the Bouchon in Time Warner Center and Rockefeller Center.

They also have a larger variety of pastries and sweets (yes, those are doughnuts!)…

…croissant aux amandes…

…and a ham and cheese croissant. Ask them to press it in the panini…so good, I ended up eating two of these! And extra goodies for the road.

We went to Rubicon Estate Winery

…then had lunch at Solbar inside the Solage Calistoga. Fried chicken and waffles, rosé, and an ice cream sundae. Next time, we’ll make sure to visit the spa as well.

And then a stop at Jessup Cellars in Yountville (another photo from  where we stocked up on the Zinfandel Port…can’t get enough of this.

5. And of course, random moments in the Ferry Building. A daily dose of the New Orleans-style iced coffee (lattes for Pierre) at Blue Bottle

…that sourdough cheese wheel from Acme Bread

…and this mortadella hot dog from Boccalone. Never underestimate mortadella!

  • K and S
    October 12, 2012

    everything sounded and looked amazing!

  • anonymous
    October 12, 2012

    Ah, Craftsmen & Wolves! You were in my part of town I live a few steps away from there. Glad you got to experience their lovely space :)

  • Krizia
    October 12, 2012

    I love the canels from Boulette's Larder! They are perfection. I'm glad you bought 3 :) And you're right; I was never able to find a single canel that compared in NYC :(

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 16, 2012

    Thanks Kat! ^_^Hi Cecilia! You're so lucky…I would be there all the time if I was that close! Seems like a nice, quiet place to get some work done too. Krizia!! Strange right? I like the ones from Balthazar and Dominique Ansel here in NYC. But the Boulette ones were crazy good!

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