San Francisco | Oyatsuya, Japanese Afternoon Tea

Junko runs a Japanese afternoon tea called Oyatsuya SF on the weekends. She uses Sasaki‘s sushi space in the Mission and offers several seatings of afternoon tea (by reservation only). It’s an excellent deal at $25/person including four courses of savories and sweets. The menu changes monthly, and drinks (like matcha beer and umeshu soda) are offered separately.

February’s menu started with an umeboshi rice ball…

…and umeboshi daifuku (with red shiso and white beans).

Third, satsuma-imo (Japanese sweet potato). Featured in three forms:

  • satsuma-imo cream (bottom)
  • satsuma-imo ice cream with cinnamon and honey (middle)
  • satsuma-imo agar (top)

Apple and fennel spring roll in the back. This was pretty amazing.

Last dish, dacquoise of almond meringue with hazelnut butter cream and a trio of citrus (satsuma, pomelo, sumo).

And to finish, hoji-bancha. It’ll be fun to come monthy and see how the menu evolves over time ^-^

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