San Francisco | Stonemill Matcha

A peek inside the new Stonemill Matcha on Valencia.

Tuesday, a table for one. Come hungry…

First, Sparkling Matcha. Server comes to the table with seltzer over ice. A “shot” of matcha is poured into the glass tableside. Have it plain, or with yuzu-cane sugar or mint-lime-cane sugar. That’s the yuzu version pictured above.

(Here’s another nice take on sparkling matcha. And loving Jee’s matcha-ginger beer, which we often make at home.)

Next, the Chicken Oyaku (with nori, poached egg, pickled wakame, mushrooms and green onions).

So warming and hearty, I’ll be back for this.

And then the Katsu Sando!

For dessert, black sesame cream puff (they also make a matcha cream puff)…

…and ginger-matcha latte.

Before leaving…

…matcha whisked at the back bar (served with ume pâte de fruit).

Don’t forget pastries for afternoon snack. Matcha Croissant…


Charsiu Danish and Furikake Everything Croissant. Tartine bakes all the viennoiserie.

Eyeing for the next visit: a very plush looking matcha cream pie, kinako morning bun, and black sesame chiffon cake (I’ve been craving chiffon cake like crazy) ^-^

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