San Francisco | Tea Cocktails at Hotel Kabuki

The Bar at Hotel Kabuki just completed a very beautiful renovation. Take a seat at the bar, flip to them middle of the cocktail menu and you’ll find a section called Tea for Two. Here, a trio of tea cocktails mean for sharing.

First on the list is the Golden Tea Milk Punch made from…

…Beefeater 24 gin, turmeric, cinnamon matcha, coconut cream, and madagascar vanilla.

Next, the Hallo Amanojaku (served with a side of candied ginger) featuring…

…Suntori Toki, house made masala chai, and giffard orgeat.

Here we have the Shoga Kocha with…

…Nikka coffey grain, lemon juice, ginger miso honey, black tea, and yuzu liqueur.

And the one thing that makes tea cocktails even more enjoyable are great bar snacks. A trio of okonomiyaki (been so long since I last had okonomiyaki…I remember going to Otafuku all the time during college) and…

…roasted edamame tossed with chili flakes, Sichuan peppercorns, sesame seeds, and ginger.

On the lighter side, soba salad with red cabbage, sweet peas, carrot, shiso, and a dashi-soy dressing.

While you’re there, take time to browse through the rest of the menu…you’ll see herbals/tisanes throughout. A few that caught my eye:

  • Madame Chou: tequila, butterfly pea flowers, lime, majoave grapefruit soda
  • Sakura: gin, lemon, sakura, hibiscus flowers
  • Chrysanthemum: kikori, chrysanthemum, jasmine, lemon

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