San Francisco VIII: Tartine Bakery

One slice of a Summer Cake ($5.50) on a Monday afternoon. Monsieur P and Shannon flew back to NYC earlier that morning, and I was left with a full day of nothing to do but stuff myself silly with sweets, cheese, and cured meats. Thank goodness I knew how to navigate the MUNI, made it so much easier to get around the city.

Tartine had lines out the door, even on a particularly hot day. I stopped by the bakery twice during my trip but was dissuaded on both occasions with lines that literally wrapped around the corner. I was enamored with Tartine on my very first visit many years ago. This time, not so much. There were flies hovering over the croissants, and stale air in the sweltering bakery. A turn-off before even eating! How people managed to cramp in those seats with hot paninis is beyond me. Perhaps I’m not a summer person ;)

The Summer Cake pictured at top coupled layers of a leaden, tired cake. Whipped heavy cream and the most sorry soft raspberries I’ve encountered in…forever? Can you imagine this potential this cake had?! A tender vanilla gĂ©noise, the cream sweetened just a tad, and a whole parade of summer berries! Now that would have been killer.

Should have taken my money over to Bi-Rite Creamery up the block!

On the upside/funside, I couldn’t help but notice all the single men, there on lunch break perhaps, checking out the bakery girls – tall, slim, and outfitted in loose tanks and the shortest of skirts ;)

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 487-2600

  • Kathy YL Chan
    November 30, -0001

    Hey Kat!Sure did!! :D Needed Kelly's help though…she took care of the last two stamps ;)

  • K and S
    June 24, 2010

    did you end up filling your bi-rite card?

  • lynne
    June 26, 2010

    I love this place! It was so yummy! Oh, and btw I love your blog!

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