Shann sent me a box of chai from the Chocolate Bar during our first round of food blogging via mail. I’ve nearly finished the box but am trying very hard to savor the last bit. I love my daily chai from Starbucks but this, this is something else! This chai is a blend of black tea, a good dose of masala spice, vanilla, bits of dried apples, mint and pieces of CHOCOLATE! The smell of the blend is intoxicating – I think I’ve devoted more than a two hours sniffing the bag like some horrible addict. What do I smell? This warm, chocolately mint feeling of Christmas. It’s honest, smoky, heartwarming – apples, spices and chocolate all at once! I imagine being surrounded by family and friends, pulling warm loaves of pumpkin bread (moist and dense inside with a slightly crunchy crust) from the oven and a delicious dinner mixing cultural and local cuisine – shark’s fin soup, roasted duck and plenty of rice to go around! Isn’t it crazy how smell can transport you?

  • anonymous
    November 9, 2005

    Hi Kathy – Ahhhh, again the frangrance transports you, huh? Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

  • Kathy YL Chan
    November 10, 2005

    Hi Kirk! Wonderful indeed! Now if only I could have a bite of those empanadas you ate at El Nayarita…

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