Shou Pu’erh and Cathay Pacific

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14936416474_650ae311e1_cI love a brand collaboration that involves tea…

15371164087_eda3eb7f22_c…especially when it’s one of my favorite airlines and a tea company I adore.

Remember our visit to Red Blossom Tea Company* in San Francisco? (On another note, we are overdue for SF trip!)

15554496251_7fd047d60d_cCathay Pacific hired Red Blossom to create this customized tea package of a 2006 shou/cooked pu’erh.

15370549109_3e1d4f3e9d_cIt’s the Wild Leaf Lincang from Yunnan, China (where I was just last week…crazy how time passes).

15371038088_30b5e3c848_cIt’s got a deep, malty sweetness, and a finish that just keeps going.

*One of the owners recently from Red Blossom Tea just opened a new tea shop in SF called Song Tea. We tried some of their teas at Go Get Em Tiger in LA over the summer.

P.S. Unrelated, but a very lovely Sunday read ^-^

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  • Anja
    November 10, 2014

    Beautiful as always. And very thoughtful and picturesque article. Thank you.

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