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16343007864_d155b85320_cLucy (remember these posts from when we first met?) just got two new teas in for spring…

16965381085_d1215e9d47_c…and we did a little tasting the other day.

16343013764_6a4ecb8f35_cOne is the Long Jing/Dragon Well from Hangzhou. A really buttery, fresh green with an unexpectedly smooth and creamy finish. We steeped this three times, drinking it with a wedge of ripe camembert on the side. Perfect pairing ^-^

16965370865_20f935c2b8_cAnd the other is Da Hong Pao/Big Red Robe. This is a dark oolong from the Wuyi Mountains. Most oolongs are rolled into balls but the ones from Wuyi are twisted tight. You know that heady, caramelized finish from this tea? That’s because the leaves are roasted over charcoal. This is a tea you’ll want to start drinking in the morning and brew over and over again because it changes so much with each steep.

16345270683_6d8ed51949_cCompare and contrast! One steep in. Oolong leaves on the left, green leaves on the right.

16343009474_f904eb53d8_cEach tube (color coordinated for the type of tea) comes with a little insert with all the necessary info.

16964039382_00e27153ba_cTill we drink again ^-^

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