Silver Needle Tea Co.

Lucy and I met last year on a summer morning. We sat outside with juices at the original Liquiteria on 2nd Avenue. 

I’m starting a tea brand, she said. One that matches high quality, single estate tea with good design and packaging. And I’ve been lucky enough to follow along on her journey for the past year. She spent autumn in Asia (China, Taiwan, and Japan) at the tea farms, shipping back the best of the bunch. We tasted them upon her return, steeping our favorites over and over again.

At the same time, Lucy worked though numerous design concepts. Tins or cylinders? Colors to consider? Size, weight? Design, text, fonts? So many things to decide upon!

In the end, the answer was simple and elegant: cylinders in four colors representing the main types of tea she offers. Black for black, green for green, yellow for oolong, and the softest grey for white teas.

So let’s sit for a cup (that’s Lucy in the photo :). We’ve been alternating between traditional tea cups and wine glasses…which can call more awareness to the notes/flavors of certain teas. 

We drank Silver Needle (for which the company is named) in the morning, and now it’s time for High Mountain Oolong. It pairs perfectly with savory hunks of parmesan.

We’re also cold-brewing Sencha on the side…

…and by the end of the day I’m sure we’ll have tasted through all the teas. 

For those who don’t/can’t go the loose leaf brewing route, Lucy has a Jetsetter Tea Set with silk pyramid sachets. It’s the same tea used for the loose leaf line, so same quality with more convenience. I took a tin for a “test run” when flying to Paris…how nice is it to drink a good oolong mid-flight?

Signed and sealed ^_^

  • Nicole Martin
    July 16, 2014

    Her packing is gorgeous! It’s nice to see a vendor who puts the actually whole leaf in their pyramid bags. That is something that is very hard to find.

  • Anne
    July 18, 2014

    I agree, the packaging is fantastic! Did you find that with the Jetsetter set the teas combined flavors? I wonder about that given that they aren’t individually sealed.

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