26807472866_5c348b8b69_cA trip to Singapore started off with a little detour…

26224306494_3d3cde6e83_c…to Narita (the city).

26224318584_8d1d2a7c25_cWhat was meant to be short airport layover in Japan turned into a 24-hour holiday in Narita…

26224314184_9940581d0f_c…where I made good use of time satisfying soft cream cravings.

26224311294_cbeac59823_cBlack sesame topped with crushed white sesame seeds.

26829617245_2d4e4bfb69_cDid you know Narita is known for unagi?

27099020091_57aaea8ca7_cAnd then, Singapore ^-^

I’ll warn you now. This is a long post. I treat this blog as a journal, a place to take notes and reference things, people, and places years down the road.

26560084020_c6089d31ec_cFirst, check-in at Shangri-La Singapore…

26739106082_41fabe996f_cQuick breakfast at Coffee Break at Amoy Street.


26227517024_86282b36bd_c…and one kaya toast, one earl grey crème toast. A fun mix of traditional and modern.

26832769825_5647dfd645_cFollowed by char kway teow downstairs at Amoy Street Centre.

26228185343_40991c4a09_c 1872 Clipper Tea Co. just opened their flagship retail concept…

26739098302_42081664ab_c…more on the equipment later. This is one of the iced tea mocktails. Singapore Sling – Ceylon black, shaved coconut, pineapple slices, and hibiscus syrup.

26765909671_40cea4aa7a_cTwo brews at Arteastique. Right: chrysanthemum with wolfberries and longan. Left: oolong steeped with red dates.

26228120334_b2d5811f09_cAfternoon tea at Ritz-Carlton Singapore.

26568949370_86ac1f8d0d_cDinner at Cure…

26774371471_43a67a4a7a_cHousemade bread, pickled, and bacon butter.

26774370601_1328c7b74e_cLittle snacks and…

26841647905_d35731b6eb_c…foie gras brûlée with burnt cinnamon sugar.

26568946810_c4560a9e78_cMackerel with whipped cod roe, potato, and cucumber…

26568945220_a7c40c7842_c…take a peek underneath the cucumber.

26568943480_3c61f0568f_cIberico pork loin with mussels, cauliflower, and apple

26774359991_04d0f8bd4d_cPalate cleanser of apple and sweet peas.

26841642965_b0de90cc13_cChocolate sorbet with burnt orange, orange curd, and honeycomb.

26568938860_4ecb2f041e_cBlack sesame-chocolate macarons and marshmallow bonbons.

26816758746_ce606e72f1_cAfternoon tea buffet at Shangri-La Sinagpore. Red dates/longan.

26783247151_c82c0e71e2_cBest part is all the kueh lapis! The green/blue one is kueh salat. It’s one of my favorites. Green layer is avocado-pandan custard. Blue layer is coconut rice tinted with butterfly pea flowers.

26577853350_bdc8a8e145_cLunch at Tippling Club.

26816743686_9c5420c10a_cTom yum espuma with tempura of coriander and fresh coconut.

26816742216_b21853f9b7_cSmoked and charred red peppers with shoyu and wasabi cream.

26756875722_599b17c7f7_cTomato, basil, and olive oil caviar gazpacho.

26783240101_aefbd33a12_cConfit octopus. Corn and pearl barley stew. Togarashi calamari.

26756866212_46b8dfd1fc_cBarramundi. Parsley purée, petit lyonnaise, and roast potato consommé.

26246258483_bbf6bf2d05_cBerries and cream. Quick-frozen berries and strawberry “rocks” on the bottom. Topped with creme fraîche ice cream and a strawberry sablé. Strawberry bubbles on top.

26756861372_41fa63e6ee_cA sweet finish ^-^

26245246384_5a0f9a89b5_cAfternoon tea at The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

26577815500_f3e256879b_cDinner at Samy’s. Fish head curry, yes.

26264117253_2f14954352_cMorning teh tarik.

26800722731_af12839a6b_cMeeting at SPRMRKT.

26868464425_999e7079f0_cChye Seng Huat Hardware for…

26800716201_730d7796d8_c…the most wonderful ang ku kueh. Clockwise from top: peanut, salted bean, sweet potato, bean, and yam.

26800708621_570c47b511_cThen to Mei Heong Yuen Dessert for chendol ice (with black sugar syrup)…

26868459345_3da2cf1664_c…and this glorious sticky rice. Everything about this was perfect. The rice, the (two!) salted egg yolk. Steamy, hot, sticky. Pork and mushrooms. Chestnuts! I wish I packed a dozen to take home.

26868432505_72783c6238_cAfternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental Singapore.

26264528203_271850f0b3_cAfternoon tea at Grand Hyatt Singapore.

26263362194_3f518714bd_c Raffles…

26595863580_aacc23de7c_c…Long Bar for a Singapore Sling.

26595815460_c4a5de8150_cBurnt Ends.

26595813450_be16f81609_cGarlic shoots and gremolata.

26595809870_8f5cb96606_cFarmers’ salad.

26263330964_b12ec8ff84_cBeef marmalade and pickles.

26595810880_0d3a7ed0d3_cLeeks, hazelnuts, and brown butter.

26595808030_427ba2161e_cButterhead lettuce.

26868823735_0bfd82469e_cW.A. Marron, kombu, and tobiko beurre blanc.

26834908446_ab5c741068_cCharred marshmallows.

26834909616_c885e66653_cPineapple, coriander, and vanilla.

26853226586_7e85122ca3_cAfternoon tea at Anti:Dote at Fairmont Singapore.

26614171820_e97a92919f_cAfternoon tea at TWG Tea (ION Orchard location).

26793556032_666c1124ea_cAfternoon tea at The St. Regis Singapore.

26912859855_5346c1c8aa_cBreakfast meeting at Antoinette.

26639765950_fa2a9989b5_cKaya-charcoal croissant.

26308590493_e5e39ee97d_cMatcha lava croissant.

26912852175_f4198f2021_cSalted egg yolk croissant.

26879426766_399c57067a_cMatcha-cheese tart.

26308589623_0ca1e8db97_cIced black tea with lemongrass, honey, and kaffir lime.

26308566783_8c5a97ace2_cLunch with Cherry at her new restaurant, Delicacy! We were somm school classmates years back, it was a treat to catch up in person.

26308536043_df4fab6f0a_cAfternoon tea at Four Seasons Singapore.

26912715185_47ac02ae8a_cAfternoon tea at Shangri-La Singapore.

26845024071_6900f35134_cPeranakan dinner at True Blue.

26639609220_18b00261bd_cMore of that red date/longan combo.

26308437223_069d273e5d_cBakwan kepiting / crab and chicken meatballs in broth

26912607275_ffab69e09c_cNgoh Hhiang / fried seafood rolls

26844995591_e5436e9f1a_cBeef Rendang / beef braised in coconut sauce

26912608345_1c8fa22173_cUdang goren assam / fried prawns in tamarind sauce

26844992701_e29d0b20b8_cChap chye / cabbage and black fungus with vermicelli

26308422703_a0028347d4_cAyam buah keluak / chicken stewed with Indonesian black nuts. Pulot hitam / black rice pudding for dessert…

27068361915_efcfb23e40_c…and then 4am breakfast. Teh tarik, kaya toast, soft cooked eggs (don’t forget the dark shoyu and white pepper).

26807469506_d89d40c8e5_cThank you, Singapore…

26800726461_bb42e56e19_c…see you soon again ^-^

  • Akiko
    May 25, 2016

    Kathy, how do you handle so many afternoon teas? Do you end up eating everything? or do you just take a bit of each thing?
    Do you take anything home?
    Just wondering…

    • Kathy YL Chan
      July 2, 2016

      Hi Akiko! I try to eat just half of everything if I’m doing more than one tea day ^-^

  • Jacqueline
    May 27, 2016

    Fantastic! I love your pictures of the tea displays, everything looks so beautiful and pretty. Does the food taste as good as it looks? Did you have dining partners when you ate? Looks like a shit ton of food!

    • Kathy YL Chan
      July 2, 2016

      Thank you, Jacqueline! Sometimes I dine with friends, but I also love dining alone. So a mix of both! The food doesn’t always taste as good as it looks (which is unfortunately)…but I only included the good places in this post ^-^

  • Katy
    June 10, 2016

    Hello! I LOVE long posts like this! I wish you had time to write more of them, especially when you’re home in Hawaii ☺️

    • Kathy YL Chan
      July 2, 2016

      Thanks, Katy! I’ve been spending more time in Hawaii this year…so post coming soon ^-^

  • Cindy Lau
    July 1, 2016

    Oh my. Singapore’s greatest hits. As a Singaporean, I hardly live so well, even if it’s my birthday week! I’m glad you got to enjoy my hometown.

    • Kathy YL Chan
      July 2, 2016

      Hi Cindy! It was definitely a special treat. Tried to cover as much ground as possible…though I feel like I’ll need a dozen more return trips to really cover everything. What an amazing place ^-^

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