Snapshots from London

21709146025_ef0c131179_cA quick London recap…

21522048199_af3925607f_c…starts with tea and boozy, plum-studded cakes at The Goring…

21697399142_dd404ca950_c…and Saturday breakfast at Christina’s apartment.

21522060269_ddc6297da2_cIn the pot, chrysanthemum with mulberry and dianthus leaves. A sweet and subtle blend. More to come.

21682858126_3d51712509_cDinner at Gymkhana, one of my favorite Indian spots in the city.

21522077839_e20e9ff9f8_cRose and rhubarb kulfi falooda!

21697367132_bb290670c5_cEarly morning…

21086159954_a1740d89ba_c…at The Goring aka “the sheep hotel.”

21697314782_19226bdb85_c (1)And then afternoon tea

21697642002_4af5e9af7a_c…and in-room cocktail hour for two ^-^

21718100991_895d39222d_cLunch at the Belgravia location Ottolenghi. All those veggies…

21697348152_c3f8a654e7_c…and perfect rare roast beef.

21698176732_92c7ee6a0b_cA second afternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental

21710163945_d03097d4a9_c…and walk back home for a night in…

21087472374_54ef0a8404_c…and early breakfast at The Dining Room.

21700471152_a9418b395f_cA peek inside the spa at the new Mondrian…

21525293059_c7d7ac5713_c…and you know how much I love avocado shakes. This one is blended with dates and coconut water. Reminds me a little of the avocado/date/honey version from Four Seasons Doha.

21089631304_6ccdeab17d_cMore dates! This time in the form of a doughnut from Crosstown. Orange blossom doughnut stuffed with date jam and topped with cardamom crumble. Love that little sourdough tang in all their doughnuts.

21091128623_cc28f3f156_cA quick stop at Dandelyan.

21523255289_d2d90af190_cNot a bad office view for the week…

21090886983_215b07daf2_c…late work evenings coupled with tiramisu and tea service.

21700522872_722513f5cb_cA lighter take on the English breakfast at Sea Containers.

21091360033_0494a8debb_cBack for dinner, a beautiful mushroom carpaccio…

21525057999_161d501b08_c…and scallop ceviche.

21700489172_3b93feee1b_cAnd for an little midday treat, an all-British cheese plate.

21089524804_5b5daf6104_cAfternoon tea at The Sanderson

21524087390_7819197e03_c…and a rainy day lunch at St. John’s.

21712007625_bd8564f89a_cRoast bone marrow and parsley salad…

21091004343_08de0cc0b1_c…followed by a half-dozen madelines. Still warm, so wonderful.

21712001585_fe2385370a_cAnd one custard doughnut heheh.

21700493202_02f6f68727_cAnd for a midnight snack, eccles cake!

21525525639_2d6e8709f4_cOne last stop at Nopi for this Strawberry Eton Mess. Sumac and pomegranates. Strawberry sorbet, crème fraîche, and mascarpone. Rose water and rose petals. A dreamy finish ^-^

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  • Table122000
    December 16, 2015

    What a lovely London trip. Thanks for letting us “armchair travel” along with you.

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