Snapshots from Monaco

18867988732_f43d45a1da_cAn early summer trip to Monaco involves…

18867958442_32689402d3_c…a dozen roses and Belle Époque magic…

18686943730_ecf02c1102_c…at Hôtel Hermitage…

18252561753_ca9379d826_c…and barbajuan at every opportunity. The ones at Le Vistamar come hot from the fryer. They are crisp and salty, stuffed with swiss chard, onions, and ricotta.

18867939132_2246917981_cPink sunsets each evening…

18686962609_3d2b2652b0_c…and excellent breads (this one is from Blue Bay), olive oils, and butters at every meal.

18875879091_f50205f034_cThere are crêpes made to order for breakfast on the Terrace at Hôtel Hermitage. Topped with trio of berries. An extra brush of butter makes a world of difference.

18250847334_2eeaa3b362_cOr stay in for room service. Devour gruyère omelets in bed. Warm brioche and croissants on the same. Jams and preserves. More butter. Grapefruit juice. Earl grey. This must be heaven.

18252922463_322e5aa210_cFrom the deck of Monte Carlo Beach Hotel…

18876330901_7ed49a42d5_c…and more barbajuan at Elsa.

18847239226_03403e1e4f_cOutside is beautiful, but inside is not too shabby either.

18847199776_08d4bef9f7_cI find an unusual amount of pleasure in having tea and sweets each afternoon, no matter where I am in the world.

This is a table for one at Le Limùn. The mille-feuille is impossibly light. Layered with vanilla bean pastry cream and big fat slices of juicy strawberries. Red fruit sorbet on the side.

18687268809_4a7eca8809_cStrawberries and champagne (and good people watching) at Buddha Bar.

18868230222_b9e6ca7fe4_c2am from one the balcony of a back room inside the Casino (who knew it was so big in there!)

18251431834_308b791453_cPierre Geronimi ice cream cakes…

18873962155_fe88188c13_c…and tea and matcha cakes at Le Teashop.

18251372994_4920fca3d6_cAlways room for Ladurée macarons.

18847683536_2ccc6e2776_cA very clean salade niçoise from the restaurant inside Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo…

18873930645_ce46c43ca8_c…before a most relaxing afternoon (check out the wakame and green tea treatment).

18868740342_6b2f98a74b_cDon’t know any other spas that offer desserts Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. Mara Des Bois strawberries! Macerated and served with barely whipped cream and an almond genoise.

18847754086_1644ce8b7b_cA stormy afternoon…

18868720632_124f985ccf_c…leading to a night of thunderstorms, lighting, and a cozy table at Crystal Bar…

18686173748_faa557975c_c…complete with barbajuan of course ^-^

18877461501_67eab4c9ed_cAnd a midnight Old Fashioned at Le Bar Américain inside…

18686976230_147d397c57_c…Hôtel de Paris (the whole back half of the hotel being demolished/rebuilt…let’s go back to Le Louis XV on the next trip!)

18252036134_1e075bac39_cBack to Le Limùn! Chablis and salade niçoise (with a side of avocado heheh). My favorite type of summer salad.

18252029064_fd3ede979d_cWe cannot forget dessert. How about this apple tart? Warm with a puff pastry based. A bit of sugar caramelized on the surface. Crème anglaise and vanilla bean ice cream on the side.

19567255106_27403bd08e_cAnd ah, this really is a hotel breakfast of dreams ^-^

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  • Marilyn
    July 14, 2015

    This is what dreams are made of, just breathe taking!
    Lucky you!

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