Snapshots from Tokyo

15371002298_a494654d1a_cA quick recap of moments, memories, and meals from Tokyo ^-^

14936406804_82167081f2_cStraight from Narita airport to Kohaku for turtle soup and taro with truffles…

15533420366_526f211d30_c…and six hours later…waking up for a Japanese breakfast at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

15505445479_d074d4de63_cWe met Mihoko (so happy to meet!) for lunch (wish you were there, Hanya ^-^) and spent the afternoon exploring…

15371492130_6572c25093_c…before afternoon tea back at the Mandarin

15371465020_5e245e5edf_c…and dinner at Sushisho Masa.

15371238730_e0030891a1_cMidnight cocktails at Bar High Five (my first time trying a Bloody Mary o_O)

15533147896_a3d7d29969_cThe next day we visited Omotesando Koffee for granitas, shakeratos and this…

15533145006_c4cfb83f53_c…hot baked custard (imagine an extra custard-y canelé in cube form).

15370838857_6c629dd833_cWe also came across a location of Doughnut Plant, so had to try an Uji matcha doughnut.

15554160091_5567448421_cEarly evening at New York Bar at the Park Hyatt…

15667508386_13dfa1c574_c…what a magical place ^-^

15557664482_5e89ed4a3c_cDinner at Sushi Shin…

14936051614_afb625e790_c…and more cocktails at Star Bar.

Next stop, Kyoto ^-^


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