St. Moritz | Kulm Hotel | Engadine Afternoon Tea

Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz offers two types of afternoon tea: Engadine and Traditional…

…we’ll look at Engadine in this post (and Traditional in the next). Ready?

First, the tea. They have an extensive menu, but recommend one of these four tisanes (from Glattfelder Puschlaver) to go with the Engadine service:

  • Engadina: pfeffermint, lemon balm, yarrow, nettle, goldenrod, sunflower blossoms
  • Allegra: apple mint, orange mint, alchemilla, lemon balm, cornflowers
  • Trais Fluors: peppermint, orange mint, sage, lavender, cornflowers, rose, and caledula
  • Arventee: mountain herbs, elderberries, pinewood

All presented on a single tier. From left to right:

Local mountain cheese on wheat and nut roll

Silserli with parma ham

Morteratsch Glacier Mutschli, air dried ham from Grissons

Tartar of Niggli’s angus beef from Samedan on toast with olives

Almond cream and custard cake

Classic Engadine nut cake

Fruit and custard tart

Nut and spice cake ^-^


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