Steven Smith Teamaker

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Many curious things at Steven Smith Teamaker. Let’s begin with the drinks…

Nitro tap on the left. Two drinks available…

…this is the Nitro Chai. Base tea is Assam blended with ginger root, cassia, black pepper, cloves, and cardamom. Brewed with fresh ginger and vanilla beans. Finished with a pour of cream.

Sparkling Strawberry Honeybush. Strawberries and vanilla beans simmered in water. The fruit and beans are removed after a few hours. Then! Equal parts rooibos and honeybush are steeped in the “fruit water.” Served on tap.

Bottom right, check out the built-in water catchment to do gaiwan service at the bar.

Two seasonal beverages on rotation. This one is the Winter Morning Light Latte. Indian black tea (blended with rosemary, cassia, and black currant) steamed with housemade roasted hazelnut milk and ground hazelnuts. Topped with bitter chocolate sauce (infused with black currants and rosemary). Chocolate-cashew cookie (from Olympia Provisions) on the side.

In full holiday mode at the packing department…

…tasting a few more…

…osmanthus and hyssop in the middle.

Drying smoked lemongrass ^_^

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  • Marilyn
    December 26, 2017

    How I love their two places too.

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