Sunday at Kristy’s

Last Sunday at Kristy’s (where we also had Tea for Three). I am extra excited about friends and family that love food.

If only every afternoon could be this delicious…

Shall we start?

Cockles with tomatoes, corn, shallots, and Bordier (the one with Espelette chili). Thyme and basil.

Eggs with onions, garlic scapes and squash blossoms. Olive oil, Maldon, pepper, and basil.

The dreamiest vegetable plate. Purple cauliflower, agretti, two kinds of beans, boiled potatoes, lettuces, grilled squash, tomatoes with lemon verbena. In the center, a dip of: green tomatoes, dill, parsley, mint, garlic scapes, lemon, olive oil, and Maldon.

Charentais and lemon-verbena for dessert…

…and because I can’t go a day without cheese and bread, the Little Hosmer (Jasper Hill).

Donut peaches and apricots…followed by figs and dates, and plenty of good conversation. Till next time ^-^

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